Bookbinding Suppliers

In these difficult times it’s important we support the suppliers of materials and tools to the bookbinding craft.  Below is a list of suppliers I either use, or I know to have a very good reputation, and one day I hope to buy from.  The main retailers that I buy from are Hewits, Talas and Schmedt.  I recently bought some beautiful vellum from Cortume Runge in Brazil and if you want to try this material I highly recommend them.  And while thinking of Brazil, Renato’s marbled paper is wonder, and you will have seen it in many of my videos.

Retailers (and often manufacturers too)



Japanese Paper

Paper Marblers


Equipment Manufacturers

Finishing Tools

Wooden Equipment

Knives (and more)

Gilding (Leaf and tools)

1 thought on “Bookbinding Suppliers”

  1. Thanks for the suppliers list Darryn – there are some new names there worth investigating.
    Keep spreading the word!


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