Dryad Junior Book Plough

I recently made a video on restoring a Dryad Junior book plough.  It’s a funny device designed to be used on a Dryad finishing press with legs.  It could be used on other presses also.  

Dryad Junior Book Plough Rescue

I also have a video on cutting the edge of a book in a press using a knife or even a wood chisel.  This is not an uncommon technique, so much so that Jeff Peachey makes a knife specifically for this purpose.  When using a knife in this manner there is a chance that you do not manage to hold the knife flat to the top of the press.  I guess the Dryad Junior plough is designed to stop this from possibly happening.

Book Edge Trimming Without… 

Jeff Peachey Ely Edge Knife

At the time I made the video I was unaware that Jeff had written a blog post about this device (A Weird Plough).  It’s worth having a read of.  He describes it as “one of the weirdest ploughs ever invented”.

It has obviously resonated with some people, and I’ve had several requests for the dimensions.  I’ve sketched around it and added dimensions and the photos are below.  

The most impressive effort comes from one of the viewers of the video, Carl, who has made a replica and written a blog post about it (My version of a Dryad Junior book plough – for bookbinding).  It is very impressive!

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