A book is not held together by thread alone

Arthur W. Johnson

Over 30 years ago I did an introduction to bookbinding course. I found bookbinding something I enjoyed and continued to do it for 10 years focusing on binding and restoration of case bound books and making boxes and slip cases. Then as life got busy I took a break from it. A few years ago I was looking at what was important to me and I realised I really missed bookbinding. Coming back to bookbinding I approached it with a different focus. I focused on the historical context of both the craft and the trade. Many things had changed and artists’ books are now very popular and conservation and restoration methods have evolved.

I have been lucky in the last few years to have had time to really focus on bookbinding. I’m especially interested in how craft bookbinding evolved from Cobden-Sanderson and also the legacy of the Cockerell’s to bookbinding and art. I’m interested in all aspects of bookbinding history including the technical details of binding structures and the social context in which people have worked. I hope you find something useful on this site as we explore the traditional craft of bookbinding.

Everyone has made me into a book-binder. I haven’t done it against my will, mind you, and I never regret taking it up

Laurence Town
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