I’m selling a small and select range of bookbinding related material. Everything I sell is an item I would use. Everything I sell has been well tested by me. Even if it is widely sold for bookbinders, if I don’t use it, I won’t sell it. A punching cradle is an example of a tool I’ve never felt useful.

I find the quality of my work improves with the quality of the tools I use. However, like everyone I have financial constraints too. If possible I will offer a very good product that produces excellent results and the best product that has something special in addition, such as being made by an identifiable master craftsperson. Keep an eye on my shop as I find ways to make these product economically available to Australian craft bookbinders.

DAS Bookbinding listings on eBay

Where did the eBay user name Dome-Slug come from?

I used to work in Antarctica. You can read all about my adventures on my Antarctic Website. I wintered at South Pole in 2000. This was before the opening of the current modern station. In 2000 the main buildings were underneath a geodesic dome. People that didn’t get out much were known as Dome Slugs. I started using eBay about this time and I used this name tongue-in-cheek, as I was extremely active outside, including during the winter night.