Honestly, I’ll have a real online shop up soon.  In the meantime, here is the PDF of items currently for sale with prices.  Sorry, I’m only shipping to Australia, except for book kits (the plural is me being optimistic).  Full sheets of binders board and bookcloth are pickup from the bindery in Brisbane only. I accept payment by bank transfer if you are in Australia or PayPal from everywhere.  Let me know what you are interested in, where you are, and I will provide a quote with postage.  If you are happy with this, I will then issue an invoice through your preferred payment method.  You can email me with a list of what you are interesting in at

My goal is to keep postage costs to a minimum.  With paper being very heavy (Idea Work 80gsm A4 short grain paper weighs 2.8kg per ream), bench hooks being strange sizes, and small tools such as knives and awls weighing almost nothing, I have had difficulty getting an automated system going that provides good value for customers.  Thus, for now I’m calculating postage on each order.

Thanks for your support!

Darryn A. Schneider (DAS Bookbinding)