Mini Springback

I’ve just finished a prototype of a mini springback binding. At 3 3/4 inches tall, it’s too large to be a miniature book. It is the first small binding of a traditional structure that I have made. Single section pamphlets don’t count. In general I like to go big rather than small. But after the A5 notebook I wanted to see how far I could take a springback in the wrong direction.

Having done almost no research, except a 10 minute conversation with my mate Jason, into how to execute miniature bindings, I just figured I’d work it out. Surely you just scale everything down and try and keep things looking in proportion. This approach sort of worked. The changes I will make on the next version are as follows.

  • Turn-ins still have to be large enough to work with and form the headcap.
  • Leave much less material at the ends of the spring to fill out the headcap.
  • Don’t pare the entire leather very thin.
  • Everything shows through thin leather – keep it smooth.
  • It is very hard to tie knots in silk especially when there isn’t much of it to work with and you have big fingers.

This hasn’t sold me on miniature bindings. I do see advantages. Materials costs are much lower. One day I’d like to make one of those massive ledgers but the price of the paper alone puts me off. Plus, what do you do with it once it’s made?Maybe a miniature model of a massive ledger. Actually, the sewing was hard enough without adding link stitches. Glueing out is easy as. The finishing press is as good as the nipping press. I’d like to say the mistake are harder to see but I think they stand out more.

I’ll do a few more practice runs. I’d like to work out a use for this little book. Maybe a little pocket planner. I’m not sure how the thin bank paper is going to go for printing. Of course I’ll do a video for the YouTube channel on how to make it. Probably first quarter of next year.

Talking of the YouTube channel, someone other than myself mentioned, and even recommended, me on the web. I had a minor flurry of subscriptions. At this rate I may even catch up with my kids friend’s gaming channels. And the big milestone I passed was YouTube giving me a custom URL. I’m no longer

but the catchy

1 thought on “Mini Springback”

  1. Hey Darryn – Great job with the springback. Understand the use of the miniature scale however I’m not a big fan. Use of the mini account binding – a small Gringott’s Bank teller???

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